I'm back!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

So my plan to blog every couple of weeks went well didn't it? I actually can't believe its been so long since I last posted. My illness got in the way (it has a habit of doing that) and as the weeks went on I decided to put all my focus into getting better and come back to blogging when I had the energy.

Good news!

I've come on absolute leaps and bounds in the last year or so. My energy levels are on the up and symptoms have become much more manageable to the point where i've been able to get back into most aspects of normal life. I still have the odd bad day and I am not 'cured' by any stretch of the imagination but I am continually amazed and grateful that I have responded so well to treatment and self-experimentation!

People often talk about a jigsaw when explaining ME/CFS management - with no cure its all about finding what personally makes you feel better or life more manageable. From complete diet overhauls to small lifestyle tweaks my jigsaw pieces have slot into place and I continue to try new things and learn every day.  I'm so glad I now have the energy to share the ups and downs of my recovery and what has worked best for me.

If you want to have a peak at what I've been up to recently head over to my health Instagram where I post much more regularly.

J x

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  1. It’s good to see you back as I was waiting to see versatile posts, hope you’re fine by now. It is good to see you blogging!


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