I was living a normal busy life of a 26 year old with a full time job, renovating my first home and rowing for my city team before I got ill. In August 2014 I went from walking 100,000 steps a week to not being able to get out of bed due to overwhelming fatigue and a whole host of other horrible symptoms. I'm lucky to have a very clued up GP who took one look at me and diagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome whilst running a million blood tests to exclude other conditions. I had my 'official diagnosis' of ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after attending a specialist chronic fatigue clinic at the beginning of 2015.

I am interested in treating my ME with natural therapies rather than medication (there is no cure). I want to give my body the best possible chance of recovery by ensuring it has all the nutrients it needs to heal,  repair and rebalance. In no way am I saying that eating healthy will cure ME - I wish it was that easy! Nutrition is one of the few things that can be controlled with this illness and for me it seems to be helping.

The boring bit: I have no training or background in medicine or nutrition so please consult a medical professional before making changes to diet or lifestyle. I would recommend finding a nutritionist or naturopath who has experience of treating your condition.    

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